Most manufactures would either suggest or require scheduled maintenance after the installation of a new roof. Don't wait until water finally penetrates to the ceiling bellow as this could mean larger damage to the roof membrane and insulation. Scheduled Maintenance could be the difference between correcting a small issue now or having to repair or replace a large section in the future. In buildings with water sensitive equipment and rooftops with frequent foot traffic maintenance is a crucial.
Over time your old roof system may cost more to maintain than it would to replace. Have your expired or outdated roof removed in preparation for a brand new system. Our company is trained to remove and dispose of your old roof in a responsible, clean and timely manner.
Have our crew supply you with a very well insulated roof that could save you money on energy bills. Our mechanics are specially trained to install tapered insulation which will also give your roof a great pitch which would eliminate ponding water.
Our service providers are experts in single-ply: EPDM, TPO; asphalt: multi-ply built-up, hot-mopped, modified bitumen, cold, torched/welded, shingles, liquid systems and metal systems for all high and low sloped roofing, residential and commercial.
We at All Roofing leave a clean final roof. We are also in the business of installing long lasting roofs that you could use every day without putting the warranty at risk. These systems include walkway pads, elevated concrete or wood tiles, playground padding, gravel and green/vegetation roofing is also a great way to give you a beautiful roof that would also well insulate your building and protect your roof against the elements. With plaza pavers your roof not only keeps the water out but also becomes a terrace and a great investment.
If you are hiring someone to install new features to your roof (such as skylights, AC units, Supports, exhaust fans, ect.) it is crucial to the credibility of the roof system that a professionally trained roofer perform the necessary patches or flashing. Even under circumstances when the membrane should not be penetrated (installing satellite dishes, antennas, signs or lights) the roof should still be inspected for possible problems caused to the roof membrane or water flow.
Have our professional roofers install a roof that satisfies our reputation. We are trained and approved to safely and professionally install a wide range of roof systems. We are certified by top od the line manufactures to install a wide range of long lasting roof systems. Our reputation insures quality, safety and efficiency.